Crab matoutou

For 4 people


– 500g of white rice

– 8 cleaned crabs (preferably ground crabs)

– 10 cives

– 2 onions

– 2 or 3 tomatoes

– 6 limes

– 3 sprigs of parsley

– 1 tablespoon of salt

– Pepper, seeds and leaves of turkey wood

– 5 cloves

– 2 tablespoons columbo powder, or turmeric

– 1 chili pepper


Wash, brush, lemon the crabs then place them in a container with water, salt, garlic, chilli and the juice of 2 lemons.

Crush the tongs lightly so that the sauce penetrates them.

Remove the shell but reserve the fat and the rest.

In a pot, sauté with oil, chives, onions, and 3 crushed garlic cloves.

Add the crab fat and the diced smoked breast.

Add the crabs and brown for 10 minutes.

Add the tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes.

Add the spices, parsley, thyme, bay leaves and turkey wood.

Simmer covered for 15 minutes.

The sauce should be very thick.

At the end of cooking, add the 2nd pepper and the juice of the last lemon

Accompany the rice dish and taste the delicious MaTouTou crabs!

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