The Trou Cochon

Vacation time is a time when you want to take time for yourself. During the year, we work, we suffer the evil of the century: stress, and we do not have too much time, even with a lot of will to take time for ourselves, to reflect, relax, soothe for real, and admire a landscape with all its shades of green. We give you a tip: Trou Cochon in the town of Vauclin, an authentic aspect of the South of Martinique.

Even if the name of the place is not very attractive, the place makes you forget yourself.

Tip: choose to go before 3 p.m.

How to get there ? Option n ° 1: Direction towards the town of Vauclin, take the Château Paille entrance, direction Palm Villa, continue straight on a gravel path, pass the Anse Maroquet entrance, continue straight, until you park in front of a fence with an airplane propeller for decoration. Follow the path that borders the fence on your right if you are parked in the direction of departure. The lagoon is around 10 mins walk.

Option n ° 2: Park in the UCPA car park of Château Paille du Vauclin, and follow the hiking path. Allow 4 hours in total, if swimming for 1 hour.

Please note: Bring snacks and 2 liters of water per person.

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