Martinican Christmas meal

Christmas is the happiest time of the year and the most rich in tradition. On this occasion of reunion and sharing, many customs are highlighted. Moreover, this is the case in certain countries such as Martinique where the Creole tradition gives a major place to the Christmas Eve meal which is accompanied by a varied, special menu rich in local products.

In some regions, the Christmas meal menu is made up of shellfish, meat, fish or poultry each year, accompanied by a traditional bonfire cake. However, the menus can differ from one family to another, which is not the case for Martinicans or the meal is purely Creole and is the same in all households.

Purely rooted in their traditional value, Martiniquans are in the habit of garnishing their table first with a multitude of refreshments and homemade appetizers. Then follow dishes with a varied menu of Creole recipes based on meat, legumes and several other tropical products. For dessert, Martiniquans opt for fruit, chocolate and coconut cakes.

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