Discovering the Anses d’Arlet

A city with a rich cultural and historical heritage, it will reveal a panorama worthy of the paintings of the greatest painters.

Besides, its lively market town of numerous bars and restaurants where you can taste for a freshly caught grilled fish or you initiate to ti punch. Les Anses d’Arlet is home to real underwater treasures. Its many coves invite you to discover: Anse Noire, Anse Dufour, Grande Anse, the rocks of Cap Salomon as well as the slopes of Morne Champagne.

She will tame you thanks to a remarkable sample of the Martinique aquatic ecosystem: a real fulfillment in the underwater world. Do not forget your fins, masks and snorkels! Les Anses d’Arlet is a hot spot for underwater hikers.

A stop at Petite Anse is essential for a ferrous bath in a wonderful source of hot water backed by the sea at “Dlo Féré”, jewel of the region.

A small hunt for the wells present on the territory of the commune will reveal its history to you. A place of authenticity with its colorful Creole dwellings which have preserved their soul of yesteryear.

The city captivates with splendid views for fascinating sunsets.

During your snorkeling sessions, do not forget your signal buoy surmounted by the cross of Saint Andrew when you explore the places frequented by boats.

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