Coconut Mojito

Coconut Mojito

For each glass:

– 7 mint leaves

– 2 cl of cane sugar syrup

– 1 half lemon cut into 6 pieces

– 4 cl de rhum

– 10 cl of coconut water

– Crushed ice

Put the mint leaves at the bottom of the glass.

Add the cane sugar syrup and then the lime pieces.

With a small pestle, gently crush the lemon, so as not to tear the mint leaves.

This is the golden rule of Mojito because if you tear the mint leaves, they lose a lot of their flavor. This is why they are at the bottom of the glass and protected both by cane sugar syrup and by lime pieces.

Add the crushed ice, rum and coconut water.

Mix and serve with a straw.

Good tasting !!!!

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