Capital of Martinique before its destruction in 1902 by the eruption of Mount Pelée, Saint-Pierre is today the Sub-Prefecture of the North Caribbean, classified city of “Art and History”. To visit the Habitation Depaz. The Science and Earth Discovery Center.

Rue Victor Hugo – Facing the old theater Phone: 05 96 78 34 05 Fax: 05 96 78 95 19

Little escapade in the North West of Martinique, in the North Caribbean, in the heart of a city in the downwind coast, city of art and history: Saint Pierre. City known throughout the world for its volcanic eruption of May 8, 1902 where nearly 30,000 people lost their lives. It will charm you with its enchanting calm and its unusual lands: an invitation to a change of scenery. In this year 2017, the city of Saint Pierre is approached for the start of the 33rd Round Yoles Tour of Martinique.

Quaint town par excellence, it bathes in the Caribbean Sea, and will seduce you with its architecture and originality. Endowed with an unequaled cultural richness, let yourself be enchanted by this jewel during urban getaways. Formerly, by the calm and depth of its waters, Saint Pierre was one of the main commercial ports of the Antilles. The 33rd edition of the most essential sporting event of the summer holidays will be an opportunity for her to put on her prestige dress. Let yourself be carried away by an explosion of sensations that are as exciting as they are vibrant. This city is distinguished from others by its simplicity and sumptuousness. Walking through the stone-paved alleys of the city, one can detect its tragic and bewitching past, where many glorious vestiges furnish the landscape. Saint Pierre is a city with many facets, it combines past and modernity. Indeed, she devotes herself – to relaxation and contemplation: embark on the Petit Train for a commented discovery of the city: 1h30 of enchantment, in order to contemplate all the magnificence of “Little Paris” of yesteryear.

You will also appreciate its lush nature and its many atypical restaurants by the sea or the cottages at the inhabitant, or simply the rocking of the waves in its magnificent bay with gray sand, – with family, by paying the visit to the distillery Depaz, in a sumptuous setting, at the foot of Mount Pelée between sea and volcano, or in a high place of modernity with the visit of the Discovery Center of Sciences and Earth, – to cultural immersion, by performing the visit of the volcanic museum of Franck Perret, – to the sportsmen, thanks to its course which will lead you straight to the summit of the Volcano: activity not to be missed when one is passing through Martinique, this is the highlight of the island at almost 1,397 meters. Whether you arrive by land or by sea, Saint Pierre will charm you with its lush nature and black sand. Territory with many attractions, if on the occasion of the 33rd Tour of Yoles Rondes, you approach the city by catamaran, its seabed invites you on an incomparable field of exploration, therefore put flippers, masks and snorkels for a little underwater trip to discover buried treasures (shipwrecks, submerged statues …), many coves, bays and coves are available to enthusiasts. Let yourself be fascinated by its elegance, it offers a very beautiful panorama of Mount Pelée. A magic sequence which captivates by its beauty. Many accommodation solutions are available to visitors, from homestay to seasonal rental: a bath in the local culture. Let yourself be seduced by its architecture, its market, and the friendliness of its people. Saint Pierre will reveal its charm to you…

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