Le François, Land of authenticity François Bay was considered unaffordable due to numerous breakers, the coast there was uninhabitable because it was swampy and infested with mosquitoes. However, in December 1694, Father Labat landed there to found a parish. The word parish was used under the old regime to designate both administrative and religious division.

The first church, originally built of straw, earth and reed, was partially destroyed. Rebuilt, it was devastated by the hurricane of 1891. The Saint-Michel church built by the architect Henri Picq was again destroyed in 1973 by a fire. It was replaced by a futuristic-looking church designed by Marc Alie, but which quickly became dilapidated. Today, the construction of a new building inspired by the Church of Saint Michael is completed. This one was designed by Olivier Dubosc and Frederico Genovese.

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