Fort-de-France, capital of Martinique.

Fort-de-France, capital city, economic lung of the island of Martinique, it will ignite you with its dynamism. Walking through its effervescent city center on foot, invites you to explore its many museums and monuments. Let yourself be smelled by the smell of spices under its colorful Grand Market. Doze off for a few moments, around a freshly squeezed cane juice or even fresh local fruit mixed before your eyes. After this historic stroll, 3 minutes from the city center, explore the harvesting machines around the Dillon distillery. Or if you prefer calm and serenity, a stroll in the Balata Garden is just 10 minutes from the center. Do not leave the city of Aimé Césaire, without a small souvenir flea market in the many tourist shops.

Business city with incessant activity, the administrative capital also has many tourist assets including the Schoelcher Library, the Museum of Precolobian Archeology, the Market or the Fort Saint-Louis, mostly grouped around a haven of greenery: the Savannah.

The life of the Foyalaise Capital is also punctuated by major events such as the Cultural Festival in July, the Voies de la Tradition or the “empties” of Carnival.

Some famous people:

André Alexandre, Founder of the Alexandre bookseller in 1910, 1st Caribbean Bookstore Cadet Daniel, freed slave, “Negro to talent” … Founder of the 1st Jewelery store in Fort de France in 1840 Aimé Césaire, Writer, Deputy and Mayor of Fort de France from 1945 to 2001 Pierre Aliker, Medecin and First Deputy Mayor of Fort de France from 1945 to 2001. Brother of Marcel and André Aliker. Victor Sévère, Lawyer, Deputy, General Councilor and Mayor of Fort de France between 1900 and 1945 Antoine Siger, Notary, Mayor of Fort de France assassinated on April 29, 1908 during the electoral campaign. Victor Schoelcher, Supporter of the abolition of slavery, Member of Parliament for Martinique in 1848, Senator in 1878

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