Saint Joseph has the largest forest area in Martinique. Located in the North East, it represents more than a third of the total area of the municipality, i.e. nearly 1,500 hectares of forest.

The Morne des Olives forest, Grand Bouliki, Rabuchon forest, Petit Bouliki, Fond Fougères are the main forest areas that make up the large forest managed and protected by the Office National des Forêts (ONF).

Nourished by the White River which takes its source from the Pitons du Carbet precisely on the North slope of the Piton Lacroix, this place benefits from exceptional vegetation and an extraordinary ecosystem, in a word, it is the real green lung from Martinique! It is precisely this green lung which inspired the name of “Heart Bouliki”. The latter was born in July 1983, under the impetus of the NFB and all those who worked like Gisèle BAKA for the restoration and enhancement of this place located in the Durand district.

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