The 10 good plans when it rains in Martinique

When you are on vacation in a tropical island, you expect the sun every day. However, sometimes it rains. These rainy or gloomy days are experienced as real curses: synonymous with boredom, waste of time and especially money. Immediately, the feeling of being blocked or deprived of vacation. Well no ! And if we reverse this feeling.

Even if it is better to take advantage of the sun, to bask and to perfect your tan, it is also interesting to take advantage of these rainy days.

Here are 10 projects to realize when the weather is gray under the coconut trees.

Project # 1 Get a good locally made umbrella in the colors of madras fabrics. And yes, a small company makes them in the South of the island, in Trois Ilets. In addition, it will be the best memory for you when you return from vacation. He will know how to tear your most beautiful smile from you when you use it in your native country.

Project # 2 Take refuge in a museum, a discovery center or a church. Several choices are available to you, whether you are in the Center (Departmental Museum of Archeology and Prehistory of Martinique, the Museum of History and Ethnography, or even the Cathedral), in the North (Volcanological Museum or the Discovery Center for Earth Sciences) or the South (Clément Foundation, etc.). Give yourself time to experience the history of Martinique, appreciate the architecture of the buildings, and take magnificent shots with your camera.

Project # 3 Take the time to enjoy a long and good breakfast. No hurry. Depending on your tastes, gourmet or semi-gourmet lunch, or simply in an atypical, purely local restaurant where you will certainly meet the regulars. You will be able to exchange on customs, and listen to anecdotes: they love to share their stories with visitors, learning Creole guaranteed.

Project # 4 Go to the movies and watch a good movie. The little extra, in the only cinema complex on the island “Madiana”, you will find restaurants and a games room for children.

Project # 5 Learn about local recipes. In five steps, 1. Search the recipe on the Internet or on a postcard, 2. Go to supermarkets where you can find everything, 3. Go home and invite your entire community to wash their hands, 4. Follow the recipe steps, and 5. Taste. Two essential recipes to try: pot pie (a kind of thick soup) and chocolate butter bread (Martinican ceremonial dessert).

Project n ° 6 Make an appointment at a massage center. And yes ! In rainy weather, nothing better than taking time for yourself. Do not hesitate to be pampered, letting you brush oils with tropical scents (cinnamon, coconut, grapefruit …) provoking pleasant feelings of well-being and a real benefit for the body, the hair … and of course all this while being lulled by the sound of the rain.

Project # 7 Learn yoga. This is an opportunity to let go, to allow your mind to escape with a yoga session. For relaxation and spirituality, the sound of dripping water is excellent for meditation. It’s time to feel good and let go.

Project # 8 Karaoke. Singing: nothing better to forget what is happening outside. Free your vocal cords, free yourself!

Project # 9 Write postcards. You never have time, and if it was the right time. No one to write, no big deal, you write to yourself. It’s always a pleasure.

Project # 10 Take pretty pictures of rain droplets (on windows, flowers, trees …) and puddles, and why not yourself with your beautiful umbrella in shimmering colors.

And yes, it’s not because it’s raining that we have to stop everything, so let’s take advantage.

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