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Song – Joseph my dear faithful

Joseph, my dear faithful : Extract album “Noël aux Antilles” (M. Pioche – H. Debs – G. Alcindor)

Marie: Joseph, my dear devotee, Let’s look for accommodation, Time is running out and calling me At my delivery. I feel the fruit of life, This dear child of heaven, Who of a holy life, Will appear to our eyes.

Joseph: In this sad crew, Marie let’s go find, Throughout the neighborhood, A place to stay. Open, next door, Have compassion Of a virgin who wears

Your Redemption. The neighbors of Bethlehem: Throughout the town, We fear the dangers too much, To give the passage To foreign people, At the home of the moon, You just have to stay, The head of the commune Could take revenge.

Marie: Ah! Change the language, People of Bethlehem, God comes to us as a pledge, Alas! Fear nothing. Put yourself in the windows, Listen to this fate, Your God, your Master, Go out of my womb.

The neighbors of Bethlehem: It’s some ploy We can do it at night, Some bohemian trick, When the sun is not shining. Without seeing neither clear nor moon, The bad guys do their beating, Keep your misfortune, Passers-by, withdraw!

Joseph: O heaven what an adventure, Without finding a place, In this cold weather, To sleep under the roof. Barbarian creature, Your rigor hurts you, Your heart is already going astray By not complaining about my fate.

Marie: As night approaches To take cover, Ah! Let’s avoid this reproach, I see in the desert An old hut, Come on my dear husband, I hear the beef and the donkey Who will be sweeter to us.

Joseph: What will we do Marie, In such a nasty place, To keep life To the little Child God? The monarch of the angels Will be born in a fold Without fire, without sheet, without swaddling clothes And without a royal palace.

Marie: Heaven, I assure you, Could help us, I bring good omen, Without fear of perishing. I can already hear the angels Who make a cheerful tone, Sound the praises, Under the vault of Heaven.

Joseph: Too happy retirement, Nobler a thousand times, Richer and more perfect May the louvre of kings! Housing a God made man, The author of paradise, That the prophet names The promised Messiah.

Marie: I hear the rooster crowing, It’s midnight, O heaven! A god enchants me, I see my sacred fruit, I’m swooning, I’m dying of comfort, Come my beloved! May I hug and kiss you! My heart is all charmed.

Joseph: Towards Joseph your father Infant full of charms, From your mother’s breast Come into my arms! Ah! Let me caress you, Victim of fishermen, Let’s mix, mix constantly, Our sighs and our tears.

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