Song – Michaud was watching

Michaud watched: Extract album “Noël aux Antilles” (M. Pioche – H. Debs – G. Alcindor)

Michaud was watching (twice) At night in his cottage, Near the hamlet (twice) By keeping his flock, The sky was shining (twice) In bright light, He began to sing: I see I see, The evening Star.

At the noise he made (twice) The pastors of Judea, While startled (twice) Were to find Michaud To which he says (twice) The Virgin has given birth About midnight Here, here What the angel predicted.

A poor roof (twice) Used as a cover At home (twice) Of this King of Zion; The wind whistled (twice) Horribly cold, In the middle of winter, He comes, he comes, To get us out of irons;

His mother was (twice) Sitting near the crib. The donkey ate (twice) And the Beef was heating up; Joseph prayed (twice) Without candle or wick. In this sad device Jesus Jesus Shone like a sun.

Fasse Seigneur (bis), Que votre sainte enfance Nous place aux cieux (bis) Parmi les bienheureux ! Ah ! Quel bonheur ! (bis) Si dans notre souffrance Nous pouvons mériter Un bien, un bien Que l’on ne peut ôter.

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