Gros Morne

Located in the North Center of Martinique, 240 meters above sea level, Gros-Morne takes its name from its topography. The town looks towards the Atlantic and originally formed with Robert one district dependent on La Trinité. In 1743, it became a parish, then a commune in 1837. Gros-Morne offers many remarkable viewpoints on the Caravelle peninsula or the Deux-Choux forest road.

Many sites are to be visited on the territory of the commune; floral and food crops, Creole gardens, arts and crafts workshops, 19th century church, artisanal cassava and toloman factories, the Saint-Etienne residential distillery and its landscaped park… You also discover natural sites made up of hundreds of plant species. You will soon be able to appreciate the “Gros-Morne gardens”, which aims to create a site to enhance the botanical diversity of the Antilles with a dual vocation, both tourist and educational.

Tourist Office Vautor Bourg Building Tel: 05 96 67 60 73 – Fax: 05 96 67 94 87

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