On the Caribbean coast, in the direction of Carbet and Saint-Pierre, between Bellefontaine and Fond Lahaye, 11 km from Fort-de-France, the small village of Case-Pilote can pride itself on being one of the most ancient villages of all Martinique.

Along the face overlooking the sea, some accidents: Cap Enragé, the beaches of the Battery and Fond Bourlet. By decree of June 12, 1837, the parish was erected as a commune, it included Case-Navire (Schoelcher), Bellefontaine and part of Morne-Vert.

Its territory covers an area of 3,182 hectares and now houses 4,058 inhabitants. It is watered by three rivers: the Fond Boucher river, the Case-Pilote river and the Fond Bourlet river. Le Morne-Rose peaks at 636m and Le Morne Caroline at 475m.

Its main districts have the names of the funds. Its tormented relief allows forest tourism which makes it easier to visit pleasant sites such as Calvary, Grand Fond and Cap Enragé. These offer interesting views of the town and the rest of the island.

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