Host city by vocation, thanks to its many white sand beaches, its calm sea, its sheltered coves, the charm of its landscapes, the attraction of its tropical forest, the proverbial sympathy, the reputation for hospitality and hospitality of its inhabitants, the town of Sainte Luce is currently experiencing a booming tourist vitality.

Long regarded as a small fishing village whose beaches were transformed, only in summer, into a canvas village, Sainte Luce has become a high place of sought-after residence. The large hotel structures that stretch the town beyond Gros-Raisin cove, the more familiar structures such as rural lodgings and “Homestays” are there to prove it. The predominance of the development of “homestay” makes Sainte Luce the most sought after town for peaceful holidays.

Tourist Office Phone. : 05 96 62 57 85? fax. 0596 62 30 15 or 0596 62 17 85

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